Mindful Walking: Why?

Good afternoon, friends! I hope your weekend and Earth Day was fun and filled with being in nature. Piggybacking off of Friday's post, I want to talk about why you should try walking mindfully. It connects you to your environment. You're intentionally observing and participating in the experience of walking- the smell of the freshly... Continue Reading →



Morning, friends. I invite you to take today and this weekend to spend some time in nature. That's what I plan on doing because there's just something magical and peaceful about being at the beach or surrounded by trees. Personally, I feel very calm and rejuvenated afterwards. It's the perfect balm to high stress and... Continue Reading →

Take the Time

Good morning! I hope you were able to rest up this weekend! Today's topic was inspired by this time in the semester. If you didn't know, I'm a college student. April is known to be one of the most stressful months of the Spring Semester with all of our papers, tests, projects, etc piling up... Continue Reading →


Good morning! I hope everyone has had a great week so far! I'll be sharing another article I've found with you today because I've had to turn in 5 essays in the span of 3 days. 😭 Now this article is really fantastic! It outlines different ways to be mindful, which is something I love... Continue Reading →

Let’s Get Real

Hello friends. *I'm giving a slight trigger warning because we're talking about invisible illness today* Today I'm going to get real with y'all. We're going to talk about mental and invisible illnesses and being a social worker and activist. Whether it's depression, an eating disorder, schizophrenia, an autoimmune disorder, anxiety disorder, and/or many more... self... Continue Reading →

Hello friends! I'm sorry to announce that there won't be a post today! Self care is all about taking breaks and taking care of yourself and that's what I'm doing! Please tune in tomorrow for the next post!  ❤️

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