Welcome my fellow activists, social workers, and friends in the helping professions!

Thank you for popping by for this short post! I am so grateful to talk to all of you today about what to expect from this blog!

But first, let me ask you a few questions.

Have you felt emotional and physical fatigue after a day of empathizing with your patients or clients?

Have you come home feeling drained from giving so much of your emotions?

Do you ever feel triggered by working with your clients?

There’s a high chance you’re suffering from something called burnout. It is that feeling of exhaustion after giving so much of yourself day in and out, day after day. The scary consequence of burnout is that you don’t treat the burnout, you’ll eventually give up on your profession or even develop mental health problems yourself.

We all know that there is a great deal of work to be done still in the world. We wake up and read the news and feel worse. Yet another hate crime. Another discriminatory policy being passed. Another case of police brutality. Another sighting of fascist graffiti. The list continues and it’s emotionally tiring. I already have a headache typing out this inadequate list of societal injustices.

We cannot let ourselves fall victim to burnout. There is power in numbers and we need those numbers to fight these problems. So how do we deal with that headache, that overwhelming fatigue? The answer is self care.


“People all have different requirements for self-care, but in general, the goals of self-care are to find a state of good mental and physical health, reduce stress, meet emotional needs, maintain one’s relationships, both romantic and platonic, and find a balance between one’s personal and academic or professional life.”


Topics that I’ll cover in future posts will align with the goals listed above. We will discuss strategies that will help you find a healthy headspace, improve physical health and reduce stress. If learning about the benefits of meditation, how to start your meditation habit, benefits of gratitude and how to practice it, benefits of journaling and how to start, and many more strategies, please click that lovely follow button! I will also be interviewing different social workers and activists about their self care routines and experiences with burnout. My promise to you is to post Monday through Friday at 6:30 AM, delivering research based, self care tidbits right to your email inbox!

Thank you for joining me today and see you tomorrow morning, bright and early!





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