Journaling: Types

Good morning! Yesterday we covered the benefits of journaling. Today we’ll discuss different types of journals you can have that would benefit you as a social worker or activist.

Types of Journals-

  1. Gratitude journal-
    • This is one of my favorite types of journaling. Like yesterday, I want you to imagine a day where everything seemed to go wrong. Your mind is solely focused on all the negative aspects of the day, refusing to see anything good. This is where the gratitude journal comes in. You list out as many things you’re grateful for- your health, your compassion, your partner, your parents, your financial situation, your friends, anything and everything. This will get you to see that you have so much to be thankful for. And.. it elevates your moodgratitude journal
  2. Prayer, affirmation, law of attraction journal-
    • If you follow a certain faith, you can write down the prayers you have. You could even have a written ‘conversation’ with your God through your journal. I’ve found that this can be very cathartic. Another way to do this type of journal, if you believe in the law of attraction, is to write to the Universe and tell it what you want. When you’re having a really bad day and feeling extremely numb to the world, having a conversation with a higher power you believe in can be a great coping method.
  3. Diary-
    • This is the method of journaling I talked about yesterday, where you dump all of the thoughts in your mind onto paper. When I’m very upset, I try to write all of my thoughts and feelings down first. Writing it down helps me understand the situation more. If I’m still upset, I’ll do a mini rant to my friend to get the rest of it out of my system. The most immediate benefit I see from keeping a diary journal is getting it out of your system.
    • Another way to journal this way is to write down everything you did that day and record how you responded or reacted in different situations. This will help you analyze your behavior and thoughts, helping you grow as a person and as a social worker. You’re achieving self care and growth at the same time so that’s #winning once again!

Tomorrow we’ll cover how to actually start journaling and things to be cautious about in the journaling habit.





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