Journaling: How to Start!

Hey there beautiful souls! We’ll be finishing the three part series on Journaling today!

Before we talk about how to start your journaling habit, I want to go over what journaling is NOT for.

  1. Journaling is NOT a way for you to blame others for your burnout, for the problems you have.
    • If you notice that you’re complaining about life in your journal, pull on those brakes. First, give yourself a pat on the back for seeing this trend. Next, write down ‘problems’ and ‘solutions’ in your journal. It’s good to recognize problems, but now it’s time to become solution-focused.
  1. Journaling is NOT a vehicle for you to sulk, mope, wallow, and pity yourself for things that have happened to you.
    • If you suffer from this self pity affliction, starting a gratitude journal can be extremely beneficial. When I’m down in the dumps feeling like the world is against me, I write down what I’m grateful for- while smiling (Read “Smile! :)” for context). My mood immediately lifts when it’s met with a smile and gratitude.
    • Another journaling method you can try is to write down what you learned about xyz situation and how you can grow from these negative experiences.You can even write down instances where you ‘showed up’ and took charge of situations. Remind yourself of just how amazing you truly are.

Now that you’re equipped with the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of journaling, let’s get to the ‘how’.

Step 1: Decide that you are worth self care. Decide that you deserve to not be burnt out. Decide that you’re going to put your needs first.

Step 3: Buy a notebook. Or download a notebook app on your phone if that’s easier.

Step 5: Set a reminder on your phone to write/type in your journal.

Step 6: Go forth! If you’re still stuck on what to write about, google journaling topics until you’re comfortable writing without a specific topic in mind!

I hope that this helped you start your journaling habit! If you have any questions or want to connect, comment or send me a message!

Have a great weekend and I hope you go buy yourself a notebook! See you Monday 🙂




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