Happy Monday! I hope y’all had a great weekend. Today we’ll talk about gratitude!

Building 5 minutes into your daily schedule to focus on gratitude can lead to immense benefits for your life, including:

  1. Reduced toxic emotions → less frustration, envy, regret, and resentment
  2. Strengthened positive emotions → more optimism, happiness + increased self-esteem
  3. Improved health → better sleep and higher energy levels.
  4. Enhanced empathy → improved connection with people around you

How do you start expressing your gratitude?

I make a list of 10 things I’m grateful for using the formula below. It helps me dig deep into why I’m grateful for something, which increases the feelings of gratitude within me.

I am grateful for _______ for __(reason)___ because it brings __xyz___ into my life.

Not only will this focus on gratitude improve your mental health and well-being, but it will make you a better social worker!

How increased gratitude can make you a better social worker:

  1. Gratitude reduces toxic emotions
    • You’ll be less likely to feel frustrated when your clients make decisions you disagree with.
    • Instead of wasting time on negative emotions, you will be able to channel your emotional energy in a more productive and positive way.
  1. Gratitude strengthens positive emotions
    • Higher self esteem means you feel valuable and worthy, which will make you want to partake in activities that will increase your well-being, like self care!
    • More optimism means that you’re less likely to feel jaded about the world. You won’t feel like the world is such a terrible place anymore.
  1. Gratitude improves your health
    • Higher energy levels will probably make you feel much more enthusiastic and when you add that to your positive emotions, your clients will love to work with you.
  1. Gratitude enhances your empathy and friendliness
    • Empathy is the essential quality in a social worker. You have to connect with your clients and make them feel like they aren’t alone in what they are going through.

If you struggle with writing a list of 10 things you’re grateful for, start off with 2. Comment below to let me know your experiences with gratitude and how you express it!

Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow!




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