Food <3

Good morning friends! Thanks for coming by Bite Sized Soul Food this morning for your daily self care boost!

Today I’m going to talk about nutrition and diet.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling:

  1. Sluggish
  2. Unmotivated
  3. Bloated
  4. Uncomfortably full or starving
  5. Unfocused

I’ve been meditating, practicing gratitude, doing my breathing exercises, smiling and journaling but I still feel these disempowering feelings. It occurred to me while I was walking to Taco Bell for lunch, that I haven’t been eating healthily at all!

If some of you are feeling this way too and are also not eating the best foods you can be eating, then this post is for you.

All of the food pyramids I’ve seen say that we need to be eating fruits, vegetables, protein and carbs every day. If you have the resources to, I recommend meeting with a dietician to go over improving your diet. I did that and it truly helped me understand healthy eating.


I define diet as your daily intake of food. I don’t mean it as a crash diet that supposedly makes you lose 10 pounds in a few days. Usually, with these ‘diets’, you gain all of that weight back within a week. Improving your diet should be a lifestyle change, not an impulse decision.

Because I’m not a licensed dietician, I’m going to give you some resources to check out on your own time!

I highly recommend this article! I loved it so much I bookmarked it on my browser!

This one is also really great because it emphasizes that you don’t have to give up your favorite unhealthy foods forever! Everything in moderation!

Let’s commit to being healthier social workers (or future social workers) and inspire our clients!






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