I am… Part 2!

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a good Monday! Today we'll cover different affirming sentences, examples, and tips to keep in mind when you start! Some of you may be thinking that you could say, "I am confident!" a million times and not believe it. That's because your subconscious mind starts arguing with you when... Continue Reading →


I am… (Part 1)

Hellooooo beautiful people! I hope everyone got to pamper themselves and rest a bunch this weekend! Today, we'll be talking about affirmations. I use affirmations every day when I notice that my self talk is entering a dangerous and toxic place. How often do you repeat to yourself "I'm so tired, I'm so tired, I'm... Continue Reading →

Pamper Time!

Welcome back friends! I hope everyone is ready for the weekend to get some pampering done. That's right- pampering is our topic for today. As social workers, or budding social workers, we have a lot of stress on our plates. I mean, everyone does, but social workers also spend 40+ hours a week 1) problem... Continue Reading →

Food <3

Good morning friends! Thanks for coming by Bite Sized Soul Food this morning for your daily self care boost! Today I'm going to talk about nutrition and diet. For the past few weeks, I've been feeling: Sluggish Unmotivated Bloated Uncomfortably full or starving Unfocused I've been meditating, practicing gratitude, doing my breathing exercises, smiling and... Continue Reading →

Meditation Part 2!

Welcome back friends! Today we'll be covering how to start meditating and useful resources! *If you haven't read my post "Breathe!" then please check it out first!* There are many ways of meditating and I've posted two articles here that describe different types of meditations. All it takes is experimentation to figure out which type... Continue Reading →

Meditation Part 1!

Hello friends and good morning! Today I'll be talking about the benefits of meditation and how it'll help you in your social work practice! Benefits: Reduces stress and anxiety The side effects of being a social worker can be getting triggered by your clients' trauma and/or having a high caseload and not enough time and... Continue Reading →


Happy Monday! I hope y'all had a great weekend. Today we’ll talk about gratitude! Building 5 minutes into your daily schedule to focus on gratitude can lead to immense benefits for your life, including: Reduced toxic emotions → less frustration, envy, regret, and resentment Strengthened positive emotions → more optimism, happiness + increased self-esteem Improved health → better... Continue Reading →

Journaling: How to Start!

Hey there beautiful souls! We'll be finishing the three part series on Journaling today! Before we talk about how to start your journaling habit, I want to go over what journaling is NOT for. Journaling is NOT a way for you to blame others for your burnout, for the problems you have. If you notice... Continue Reading →

Journaling: Types

Good morning! Yesterday we covered the benefits of journaling. Today we'll discuss different types of journals you can have that would benefit you as a social worker or activist. Types of Journals- Gratitude journal- This is one of my favorite types of journaling. Like yesterday, I want you to imagine a day where everything seemed to... Continue Reading →

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